Mom’s Snack Hack Will Prevent Your Kids From Asking For Snacks All Day Long

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After asking what you are making for dinner, the second-most asked question kids ask parents when they are home is if they can have a snack. And now that schools are closed indefinitely, it seems like the kids are raiding the kitchen on a near-constant basis. In fact, there are tons of memes circulating about how families have plowed through their quarantine snacks in a matter of hours. Funny – but not so funny at the same time.

One mom created a genius snack hack that just may help you limit all that noshing while making your kids more aware of just how much they’re eating.

Jennifer Hallstrom is the mother of three kids who has also been dealing with the constant snack requests. So she devised an easy-to-implement solution and shared it on her Facebook feed.

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