Toilet Designed to Limit Worker Bathroom Breaks Is Possibly the Most Evil Office Invention

But toilet time is sacred for people who work in offices, and there’s no way forcing people off the pot after five minutes makes them get back to work any faster. If anything, that inability to recharge (not to mention the inability to take their time doin’ their business!) will make employees drag their feet even more. This truly seems like a torture device.

Wired points out that there is a health benefit to the position the toilet puts you in while you sit on it, but that’s not the main reason for the design, and it’s nothing a Squatty Potty couldn’t fix. The founder wants you to know that he didn’t really care about people’s health. For him, it was all about getting them back to work. “Its main benefit is to the employers, not the employees,” he said. “It saves the employer money.”

Here’s the thing, though. Employers don’t need any more benefits. Workers in all industries are already being abused. Being taken advantage of in the workplace has become the norm. People are expected to put work above all else and work insane hours for little pay and minimal benefits. Everything is so messed up. The least our employers could give us is the ability to poop in peace.

People may be spending more time on the toilet during the work day than they used to, but how much do you want to bet it’s because most people don’t get a real lunch break or other breaks during the day? How much do you want to bet it’s because there’s a ton of pressure to always appear like you’re working unless you’re heeding nature’s call? Maybe it’s partly because open office design was the worst idea and no one has any privacy anymore during their day, so they go to the bathroom to have a minute to themselves. 

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