8 Effective Ways to Stop Feeling Dizzy in 5 Minutes


When the world around you is constantly spinning, your life becomes pretty difficult — you can’t drive, can’t work, and simply can’t walk around without the fear of falling down. In most cases, this feeling of dizziness stems from problems with your inner ear where particles have started shifting because of your movements. But if you keep these particles in order, you’ll be able to get rid of vertigo and return the sense of stability to your brain.

put together 8 of the most effective tricks that will help you fix dizziness in just 5 minutes.

Find out which ear is causing your vertigo.

  • Sit on your bed in a position that will make your head hang slightly off the edge when you lie down.
  • Turn your head to the right side, then lie down quickly.
  • Wait a minute and see if you feel dizzy.
  • Return to the sitting position and repeat on the opposite side.

If you feel dizzy when you turn right, this means that your right ear is your “bad” ear. If dizziness happens when you turn left, it’s your left ear.

How to stop feeling dizzy:

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