7 Amazing Signs That Tell You Eating More Sugar Than Normal !!

2- You feel sluggish throughout the day.

There is a popular saying, “whatever finds its way up, must surely come down”. Just as said earlier, when sugar finds its way into the bloodstream after consumption, it increases the amount of insulin in the blood which gives you a “high” feeling which later leaves you low when you must have used up the sugar. The body energy levels of the body is normal when the sugar levels are, so a high intake of sugar will lead to a wavy, unstable, high and low feel every time. It is best to balance your diet with protein and fiber.

3- Your skin won’t stop breaking out.

We have talked about the high and low feel you get from too much sugar intake. Many people react differently from the many alterations of the body energy levels. For sure this has something to do with your hormones and can eventually lead to a hormonal cascade which leaves you with a breakout (depending on the individual) likes of; acne what we call pimples. The problem here is that people keep treating the skin for other suspected causes of breakout and end up destroying the whole skin quality. So now you know it, sugar can ruin your face!!

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