18 Free Online Educational Resources for Kids K-12 For Remote Learning

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Schools are shutting down district by district across the country and it is leaving parents wondering how on earth they will figure out everything from daycare to lunches to yes, even homeschooling. As schools plan for remote learning, many online educational sites are creating new tutorials for students, and many of them are free (and some which usually charge are being offered at no cost in light of the recent  outbreak).

We’ve found 18 free resources online that parents can turn to in these trying times.


Here is a link to an extensive list of subscription-based educational resources for parents. As of now, they are all free to everyone while trudging through school closures around the country. It’s worth looking through to see what can help your kids stay their course and not lose their precious academic skills.


Scholastic has set up an online service for remote learning that is divided by grade levels. The company that we all trust to buy books for our kids is stepping up and helping parents connect to high-quality learning materials.

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