15 Life Hacks That Seem to Be Wild Until You Try Them

Nowadays, the internet is literally crazy about life hacks and this is perfectly understandable because they allow us to save money and time. There are some tips that seem to be crazy in the beginning, but they actually work great. Could you ever imagine that it would be easy to clean a toilet with Kool-Aid and that you could iron clothes with vinegar?

We at Bright Side are in a constant search of ideas that can make your lives significantly easier. So, here is the result of our work: simple life hacks that will allow you to clean your house faster.

1. A life hack that will reduce the consumption of detergent


If you are out of liquid soap or you just want to save money, this tip will save both your money and your time. Make a hole in your dish sponge and put some gritty soap inside. You can read more about this life hack here.

2. Kool-Aid can clean a toilet just as well as a special detergent.

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Kool-Aid and other similar drinks contain lemon acid which is a perfect natural detergent. This is a great alternative way to clean your bathroom and toilet.

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